Bed Bug Dog Detection Services Niagara Region

Trained Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Avid Pest is ready with specially trained dogs to inspect your home or office for bed bugs. Our bed bug detection dogs are focused towards their work and can easily find out the hidden bed bugs. Our dogs are not ordinary dogs, rather they are some trained dogs from leading canine training schools. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. They have been used for identifying a variety of things and bed bugs are one of them.

How Does Canine Bed Bug Detection Work

Our dogs can detect both live bed bugs and their eggs in carpets, bedding, cracks, walls, flooring and more. They can do it much more quickly than a human. Our handler properly guides the dog through the property. And when the dog ‘alerts’ about the infested area, that area is marked and inspected by our exterminator to ensure the presence of bed bugs.

Once the areas are recognized, we provide you with the most effective methods to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. We ensure that all the bed bugs and their traces have been eradicated from your place. Quality services, excellent customer service and affordability are the three benchmarks of our company.

Why Choose Our K-9 Detectives?

At Avid Pest, our dogs are extremely accurate in detecting the live bed bugs and their eggs. Apart from this, we also have various tried and tested methods to protect your home from these blood-sucking pests. Our dogs sniff out these pests from even the smallest cracks and crevices. Thus, making the entire process quick and easy.

We have been serving the Ontario community for the past many years now. Our clients trust us because they know that we are reliable and never compromise on quality. When it comes to canine bed bug detection, we are your ‘go-to experts’. Call us to know more about the best bed bug detection and removal services.

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