Bed Bug Heat Treatment Extermination – Guidelines and Information

The success of the treatment depends greatly on the homeowner/tenants proper preparation. Items to be removed from the treatment area. (if questionable let us know when we arrive)

  • Plants and animals including fish.
  • Aerosols and other explosives/ flammable.
  • Perfumes , lotions, creams , makeup
  • Carbonated items
  • Valuable oil paintings and crafts, unless possibly infested
  • any other meltable or items that may be damaged or explode from heat.
  • Cigarette lighters
  • Candles or other wax items
  • Markers , Pens and crayons
  • Old vinyl records
  • Vinyl slat blinds
  • These items can be placed either on a balcony / garage/ backyard or in the bathtub. If you suspect any of these items may be infested leave them in the treatment area with a note if possible.

UNPLUG all electronics and tvs from wall outlets.

FLOOR SPACE in the treatment area is very important. Bed bugs will search for cold spots on the floor during treatment to escape the heat. Please place items on the floor on top of dressers and tables. If you have too many possessions on the floor we may place items on the bed or stack items during treatment.
DO NOT move items from bedrooms into other rooms with the exception of laundry that is bagged and going to be washed.. We can not guarantee heating of clothing or linens in bags due to the insulating properties of fabrics tightly packed.

PLEASE turn the heat in the apartment or home up to maximum and close all windows and doors prior to our arrival on the day of treatment.

FOLLOW UP chemical treatments will be performed in the apartment or home in the following weeks. Please be sure to declutter and keep up on laundry in between treatments to ensure success.