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Have you seen rodents on a property or inside your dwelling? Contact us today to schedule an effective rat and mice extermination service.

Also known as infectious disease carriers, Rodents are often responsible for bringing harmful bacteria and viruses into your home. These pests are well adapted to live very close to humans, sharing their food and shelter.

Apart from spreading deadly diseases, they cause many problems such as electrical fires from gnawing on wiring, damaging wiring, books, plastics by chewing & contaminating all food-related products.

Rat and Mice Exterminator

Common Types of Rodents in Ontario

Rodents are highly adaptable pests that have spread around the globe. Out of these, many are found in Ontario. The most common ones are house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats.



Mice like to live inside of homes where they have easy access to warmth and to food. They can be hazardous to food, and their droppings are a nuisance, but mice can also damage insulation and wires due to their sharp teeth.

If you have noticed mice on your property, it might be the right time to contact a mice exterminator before it’s too late.



Rats like to live both inside and outside of buildings, creating burrows for their nests where they can stay hidden and away from people. Rats are primarily nocturnal species, collecting and hoarding food from homes, restaurants, and other buildings they have decided to call home.

If you suspect rats in your home, it is often advisable to take a professional rat exterminator’s help.

Roof and Norway Rats Extermination

Roof and Norway Rats

Roof rats have black fur with pale underbellies, while Norway rats have brownish-gray coats. Another criterion to differentiate between these two is their size. Adult roof rats usually measure about eight inches in length, while Norway rats can go up to ten inches. Besides, roof rats typically have a much longer tail. Both rodents eat a wide variety of foods, but each species has its preferences.

Rodent extermination services are required immediately to stop them.

How Avid Pest Rat and Mice Treatment Works?

Our rodent treatment plan for pest control includes inspecting your home for entry points as well as setting up multiple bait stations guaranteed to eliminate your rodent pest problem. We place several large bait stations throughout high traffic areas of your house; near droppings, under sinks, inside electrical panels, your garage, basement, and attic. Our bait is a highly attractive anticoagulant for rodents. Once consumed, they will become tired, lazy, and eventually find somewhere to pass.

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