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At Avid Pest, we have a team of experienced pest extermination professionals along with bed bug exterminators. We excel at completely annihilating pests from your premises. If pests have taken over your property, turn to the experts at Avid Pest Services in Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby, Niagara and surrounding Ontario region. Our pest control company services both residential and commercial clients and brings more than 20 years of experience in effective extermination of pests.

Are you hearing sounds from the attic? Call our professionals to diagnose the sounds and confirm presence of pests. We will free your premises of pesky pests and also help you maintain a pest-free premises.

Here at Avid Pest Control we pride ourselves on delivering a variety of pest management strategies that are not only efficient, but environmentally friendly and cost effective as well. All of our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable of the many tasks associated with our services. We are equipped to deliver an integrated pest management strategy that best suits your needs, using only the leading products in our industry.

Depending on the nature of your pest problem, we use a combination of residuals, baits, pesticides and insecticides that will get rid of your house’s pests as efficiently and effectively as possible. All of our employees are thorough. All of our products are top of the line, and unavailable to the general public. To learn more about our specific pest management strategies, please visit the information pages on this website. And remember, we’re not satisfied until you are.

Our Pest Control Solutions – Full Range Pest Control Solutions


Ants are crafty and survive anywhere on earth. We exterminate carpenter ants, pharoah ants, Argentine ants completely from your home.


Cockroaches invade home and causes diseases. We exterminate roaches with safe chemicals and long-term effective cockroach extermination.


From mice to rodents, Asian black rat to Norway rat, we eliminate every rodent threat to your premises with effective control.

Bees & Wasps

Honey bees and wasp nests pose great risk to your family. Call us to exterminate bees and wasps threat safely and efficiently.


Spiders do not pose huge threat but they do disrupt normal life. Certain species in large numbers can spread diseases.

Why Choose Avid Pest

  • Qualified – Trained and experienced local pest exterminators.
  • Quote – Get a Free Pest control estimate during the inspection phase.
  • Unmarked Vehicles – Maintain your business’s pest-free reputation.
  • Safety – Every pest control chemical is used with safety adherence.

How to Keep Your Home Bed Bug Free

Even the cleanest uncluttered homes, offices and hotels can suffer from serious pest infestation. Regular inspection can help prevent or discover an infestation in its early stages.

  • Clean up clutter to reduce the number of places bed bugs can hide for easier inspection.
  • Seal cracks and crevices with caulking, even if you don’t have bugs.
  • Be careful with used furniture or clothes as it may be infested with bed bugs.
  • Never bring discarded beds, mattresses, wooden/upholstered furniture into your home.
  • If in doubt, wash your clothes and infested region with hot water.
Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs in Hotels Can Spoil Vacations

When traveling or on vacation, inspect the hotel room, furniture and mattresses to look for blood spots, droppings that look like fine black pepper dots or live bed bugs. This can truly destroy your vacations. Clients can demand a different room if they find evidence of bed bugs. This can hurt your business. It is advised to inspect luggage and bags when you return home, preferably before you bring your bags into the house. Wash everything in the hottest water possible followed by 40 minutes in a dryer immediately after returning from a trip.

Avid Pest Services team members are all university-trained talented exterminators who focus on quality and integrity plus client satisfaction. We get the job done right the first time, as our main concern is relieving any and all pest situations you are facing.

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