How Do You Know If You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very crawly and creepy insects that move on your body and biting you while you sleep. If you find yourself in a bed bug problem, the only thing you need to do is focus on looking for the signs of the problem so you can find the right solution. These itchy pests has ability to feed on you without waking you. Symptoms of having bed bug bite problem vary from person to person.

It is always easy to identify the problem of bed bug bites. The most common sign is bite that appears on humans’ body after they wake up. These small insects hidden in tiny cracks and crevices during the day time and activate during the night when you sleep. The bed bug problem is something that is not always linked with cleanliness. It is an issue that can happen to anyone. Catching a bed bug is not an easy task. It requires the help of a professional. Let’s have a look at the some ways you can find if there is a bed bug in your home.

  1. Blood stains on bed sheet: Notice blood stains on the pillow covers and bed sheet is a clear sign that you may have red brown tiny insects in your house. These stains come when these tiny insects are crushed by you while sleeping. You can easily find blood stains on your pillow cover and even on the attires you are wearing.
  2. Bites: Having bed bug bites is a sign that you have these tiny pests in your house. These bites generally occur when you are sleeping at night. These itchy pests are activated in the night time and looking for food. They live on your blood and they bite you and suck your blood in order to survive.
  3. Bed bug eggs: Bed bug eggs are pearly white in color. When first time they laid, these eggs are coated in a shiny film helping them stick to surfaces. These eggs are very tiny in size approximately around 1mm and shaped like a grain of rice. It may be hard to identify them with bared eyes.
  4. The habitat: Bed bugs have a musty odor and this is the reason why bed bug sniffing dogs detect these tiny insects so easily. These pests have scent glands that release a strong odor that you can catch easily.
  5. Adult bed bugs: These brownish insects are freakishly flat and they can range in size from 4.5mm to 7 or 8mm when feed. They turn into a reddish color when fed from being swollen with blood. It is easy to notice adult bugs because they are larger than young bed bugs.

Bed bugs are pests that can travel from one place to another by simply lodging on your clothes and without you noticing their presence. If you notice any sign of their presence in your house, it is highly crucial to take professional help right away. You can make a call to Avid Pest Services.

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