How to Identify and Remove Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can make anyone’s life hell. These small bloodsuckers can cause a lot of trouble in your home. With 5 mm size, these little bugs are tough, smart, and can reproduce 10x faster than you can imagine. One of the biggest challenges is their small size as they can hide in any corner of the […]

Ins & Out Of Bed Bugs Infestation

Bedbugs are the type of insects that feeds on humans’ blood. They usually get active at night and prefer to hide in the day time. They are mainly founded near the bed, couch, upholstery furniture, carpet, linens, clothes, second material and more. Their bite can result in red swollen marks on your body that cause […]

4 Proven Pest Prevention Tips

The pest needs food, water and shelter, and your home is the perfect place to fulfil their needs. Be these are cockroaches, bed bugs or rodents, they all are dangerous to humans. Cockroaches cause Asthma while bed bugs deliver red, swollen marks in zigzag series on your shoulder, arms and neck. Once they have infested […]

5 Places Where Honey Bees Build Their Hives

If you noticed bees on your premises, you probably would be looking for honey bee nest so that you can remove them. So, here are listed the common, predictable places where you can find the honey beehives. Before you could take a step ahead to remove them, it is advisable to be careful as the […]

Is It Possible To Kill The Bed Bugs On My Own?

It depends on the method you utilize to remove the bed bugs from your home. Some people use home remedies while others use the chemicals. At the point, when you get large bed bug infestation, you will end up hiring the professional bed bug exterminators. The truth is when you try to treat your premises […]

How Warmer Weather Causes Pest Infestation

It is believed that pest also loves summer this is why they increase in non-winter months. However, there is a lot more than that. Several things lead to the risk of pest infestation in summer than winter. During hot summer days, the pest attracts to your home more in the sake of moisture, food and […]

Unbelievable Facts: Why Cockroaches Are Hard To Kill?

Cockroaches are among the few pests which are hard to kill from your premises. They contaminate your food, water and spread diseases like Asthma, which is one of the critical health issue caused by cockroaches. The reason why they are not easy to remove is your wrong methods. Most of the people believe on the […]

5 Things That Attract Spiders To Your Home

The things that attract the spiders to your home are several. And, all these things cause spider infestation to your home. Like humans, the spiders reach your home in search of food and shelter. However, these eight-legged pests are not dangerous to humans, but they become aggressive when you try to disturb them. If you […]

Have You Prepared Your Apartment For Bedbug Treatment?

Bed bugs infestation is a severe pest problem. They can live up to 4 years and hard to kill using common household methods and chemical spray. Apart from other techniques, heat treatment is one of the most effective techniques to eradicate bed bugs and their eggs. It even prevents the bed bugs infestation in future. […]

3 Secret Ways Pests Used To Access Your Home

As the weather begins to become colder, the pests start to find a warmer place to stay. And, during hot summer days, the tiny pests look for the moisture places to live. In both conditions, they prefer to access your home because your property is one stop for food and to stay. These pests need […]