Residential Pest Control Treatment Information By Avid Pest Services

Carpenter Ant Control and Extermination ( Large black/brown wood destroying ants)

The treatment for carpenter ants consists basically of a complete interior and exterior perimeter chemical spray. We do as well during this search for the Carpenter Ant Nest. If the nest is visible we will drill a fine hole into it and apply an aerosol residual pesticide. We will as well place bait stations with a specific carpenter ant granular bait strategically throughout. If at all possible leave dead ants as they lie for other ants to return the poisoned dead ants to the queen. The home will have to be vacated for 46 6 hours after the interior pesticide spray.

Carpenter Ant

Pharoah Ant Treatment and Extermination(Very very small greyish-red ants usually in the kitchen area)

The treatment for a Pharoah Ant problem consists only of baiting gels and gel stations in the affected areas. This is very affective for this type of ant.

Pharoah Ant1

Pavement Type Ants Extermination ( The most common household ant reddish dark brown)

The treatment for these ants is similar to carpenter ants , spraying and specific baiting.
Bait for these ants is in gel form. The home will need to be vacated for 4- 6 hours after the spray.

Pavement Type Ants Extermination

Flea Treatment and Extermination

Animals in the home must be treated professionally by a vet. All bedding and blankets as well as laundry should be done immediately We will spray all floor and baseboard areas with both a residual pesticide and an IGR (Insect growth regulator). We will as well treat rugs , under couch cushions and undersides of furniture and beds. The home will need to be vacated for approximately 6 hours after treatment.

Flea Treatment and Extermination

Spider Treatment on the Exterior of the home

It is a good idea for the homeowner to wash away any spider webbing prior to the treatment.
We will spray residual pesticide around the entire home exterior top to bottom, around windows , roofing fascia, cracks and crevices. We do spray decks and outbuildings as well. The homeowner should not wash away the pesticide.

Spider Treatment

Cockroach Treatment and Extermination

Depending on the level of the roach problem we may combine spraying and baiting in 1 or multiple visits. In low level roach problem we may only need to bait.
Homeowner or tenants must keep the home clean and free of garbage and standing water in sinks. Kitchens should be cleaned prior to treatment. Especially greasy walls and cupboards around stoves.
If spraying is performed , vacate of the home is required for 4-6 hours.

Cockroach Treatment

Mice treatment and Extermination

Residents must remove any easy access food sources from the mice, for example garbage cans in the kitchen must be sealed. Garbage outside the home or in the garage must be sealed.
We will come and perform an exterior check of the property for entry points. We will seal any small holes we find with stainless steel wool as well as inform of any repairs such as broken exhaust vents that are allowing entry of the mice into the home.
We will the place locked rodenticide bait stations from the attic to the basement with only products available to pest control operators, very much different from the hardware store products available to consumers. Do not waste money on these inferior products, the mice are for the most part resistant to them.

Mice treatment

See the Bed Bugs page for information on Bed Bug treatments.