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Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are small, oval shaped, blood sucking insects that occupy spaces where people like to sleep. Once introduced into a home, they are prone to multiply and can greatly irritate its inhabitants. Bed bugs can appear in even the cleanest of homes, because they are easily transferred from place to places, such as homes, hotels, theatres and other public spaces.

Bed bugs typically feed on sleeping people during the night. Their bites cause the skin to become inflamed and quite itchy – they can greatly irritate their victims. Bed bugs can live anywhere from four months to one year. Females can lay over 200 eggs during their life cycle, which generally hatch in 6-10 days. Bed bugs can and do multiply with ease without proper treatment.

Here at Avid Pest Control, we use a combination of residuals and sprays to eliminate your bed bug problem. We locate and eliminate the source while taking preventative measures to ensure your house stays pest free. We use traditional Pyrethrin sprays combined with new age technology for pests that have built a resistance to traditional bed bug pesticides. Once treated, your house will be bed bug-free in 1-3 weeks.


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Rats like to live both inside and outside of buildings, creating burrows for their nests where they can stay hidden and away from people. Rats are primarily nocturnal species, collecting and hoarding food from homes, restaurants, and other buildings they have decided to call home. Females produce four to seven litters each year. Each litter typically produces five to twelve young.

Rats are a problem for homeowners because they contaminate and damage large amounts of food, while also having the potential to harbour and spread disease. A single rat can consume 30-90 grams of food a day. They damage more food with their droppings and urine than they do by consumption. Rats generally live within 15-30 meters of their food source.

Our treatment plan for rats includes inspecting your home for entry points as well as setting up multiple bait stations guaranteed to eliminate your pest problem. We place several large bait stations outside the perimeter of your home, as well the basements of our customers. Our bait is a highly attractive anticoagulant for rodents. Once consumed, rats will become tired, lazy, and eventually find somewhere to pass.


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Mice like to live inside of homes where they have easy access to warmth and to food. They can be hazardous to food, and their droppings are a nuisance, but mice can also damage insulation and wires due to their sharp teeth. Mice can live in basements, attics, electrical panels, underneath sinks, and typically like to stay within 12 meters of their food source.

Mice live for approximately one year. A female can produce as many as 8 litters of 5 to six young during that time, and will surely multiply without proper treatment.

We treat your mouse problem by placing several bait stations throughout high traffic areas of your house; near droppings, under sinks, inside electrical panels, your garage, basement, and attic. Our bait stations use an anticoagulant (a blood thinner,) that is irresistible to your tiny companions. When consumed, mice will find a place outside of your home to pass.


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There are eight species of cockroaches in Ontario. The most common is the German cockroach, which is the most widespread species of cockroach in the world, spreading through the importing and exporting of food.

German cockroaches live up to 150 days. Females lay egg cases several times throughout their lifespan, containing up to 38 eggs each. They prefer a warm and moist environment and like to live near food. They feed on stored food and unkept food, food that has fallen between counters or under the stove, and on any other food items they can get their hands on.

Here at Avid Pest control, we work with homeowners to locate the source of the problem and to eliminate it. The kitchen is the most common area for infestations to occur. Before we arrive, homeowners are encouraged to empty their kitchen cupboards and drawers, as well as clean up potential food sources, in order to maximize our treatment. We use a variety of baits and residuals to eliminate your cockroach problem. Based on the resilience and breeding habits of the pest, more than one treatment may be necessary.


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There are several varieties of fleas in Ontario; cat, dog, rat, and human fleas. The most common household pests, naturally, are cat and dog fleas. Fleas can become a pest because they feed on human blood. They reproduce quickly and their bites can be very irritating.

In ideal conditions, fleas can lay up to 400 eggs over a six-month period. Once hatched, it takes up to five weeks for fleas to reach adulthood. If left untreated, fleas can quickly take over an entire household.

In order to eliminate your flea infestation, we use a spray that kills the pest on impact, eliminates their eggs and larvae, and greatly reduces any potential reproduction on the premises. May require multiple treatments, depending on the severity of the infestation and how far they have spread.


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There are over ten species of Ants common in Ontario. Depending on their species, ant nests can be found beneath pavement, driveways, covered soil, the foundation of logs, roofs, insides of walls, and other hard to detect areas. Ants can become a pest when they feed on types of food that may be in your home (species dependent,) or even chew through wood and other structural components of your home.

Our job as exterminators is to properly identify your ant infestation and to deal with it accordingly. We typically use a variety of strategically placed baits and insecticides that will promptly exterminate your ant problem, no matter how big or small.


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Bees, wasps, and hornets are generally beneficial insects and are integral to the pollination of flowers and other plants. However, when they build their nests on or near households, the threat of being attacked and stung is very real.

We guarantee the quick removal of any paper nests located on your personal property. Nests are promptly removed and dealt with in a short period of time. When the nests are not visible, such as when they are inside the foundation of homes, they are treated with a dust that is guaranteed to eliminate the problem in 1-2 days.


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Centipedes prefer to live in warm, dark, and moist spaces. They are most common in furnace rooms, basements, and other more commonly damp sections of households. Although centipede bites are rare, they are similar in feel and reaction to a wasp sting. Centipedes are exterminated with a single treatment during the day. Because they are nocturnal, this single treatment should effectively eliminate them from your home.

See the Bed Bugs page for information on Bed Bug Treatments.