Extreme Heat Bed Bug Extermination – also referred to as THERMAL REMEDIATION

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Bed Bug Extermination

Avid Pest Services in Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby, Niagara and surrounding Ontario cities and towns is the only name you need to know when you want extreme bed bug extermination. We specialize in providing thermal heat and chemical treatments to eliminate bugs from your property for good.

Rid Your Space of Bed Bugs

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Whether you have a bachelor apartment, four-bedroom home, or office space that you believe has a bed bug infestation, Avid Pest Services can help you. We will come out to your location to assess and review your situation to see if there are bugs present.

Once we detect a problem, we use state-of-the-art thermal technology and techniques to kill the eggs and bugs. Heat treatments decrease the use of pesticides drastically and mitigate any concerns you may have. Our one-day treatment combines the use of electric and forced air heat systems to provide fast relief. We usually include two light chemical treatments as a precautionary measure with our heat treatments. Studies have shown that a chemical treatment prior to heating drastically increases the mortality rate as does a post heat chemical treatment. We want to do the job right.

Eliminate Bed Bugs at Half the Cost

Avid Pest Services passes the savings on to you. Our heat treatments are priced at half the cost of most of our competitors, as we are more concerned with getting the job done properly than over charging you. Additionally, we guarantee our work. Bed Bug Thermal Heat Extermination services include a 6 month guarantee from the day of the heat treatment on unattached homes or 90 days on attached.

Bed bugs are becoming an increasingly difficult pest to treat, without absolute compliance from the clients with regards to preparation of their home prior to treatment and between treatments, heat treatments seem to be the only sure thing. We at Avid pest services in Hamilton Ontario Canada have come to the conclusion that in many cases the standard two chemical treatments 11-14 days apart in conjunction with the vacuum , steam, and laundry is not working at a high success rate due to an increasing pesticide resistance, 3 treatments 7-10 days apart combined with preparation seems to have the higher success rate but still getting costly and priced very close to heat treating. We are now combining thermal heat treatments with chemical treatments at a very high success rate, in many cases apartments still require follow up chemical treatments but the initial heat treat gives a 99 percent kill of eggs and adult bugs.

The heat advantage is first treatment day relief for the homeowner. We have brought the high pricing of thermal treatments down drastically with the use of several different technologies, combining both the use of high temperature electric heaters as well as clean air forced air heaters which give the space a positive pressure pushing the heat deeper into cracks and wall voids. This is the advantage over a closed air system such as liquid glycol heaters or an entire electric system. We dont promise you the bed bugs are gone on the first day, no company can make that claim. We do promise you we’ll come back and chemically treat until they are gone on unattached homes, on apartments or attached homes we will include up to 3 follow ups maximum, if there is a problem after that its a problem from a neighbouring attached unit. Communication with neighbours in attached homes is important because they may need treatment as well.

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We are now performing targeted room heats in conjunction with chemical treatments at a full clearance success rate and a 40% price reduction on average to the customer over a full heat treatment cost. In most cases homeowners can remain home for the better part of the treatment.

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Full Home Bed Bug Heat Treatment Pricing

Includes any chemical treatments we perform on the day of as well as follow ups.(3 follow ups maximum on attached homes, $75 per additonal treatment after the included 3)

*If for some reason you do have concerns with us performing a heat treatment in your home, possibly with the away time from the home, we do have a preparation and laundry team that can help with that type of situation. Residents will still be required to vacate the home for 4-6 hours per chemical treatment. Please call for a quote.

*If you so choose to do all of your own treatment preparation, vacuum, steam and laundry etc , as well as educate yourself on bed bugs, we do perform chemicals treatments at a cost of $250 per visit for average single family homes and $200 per visit for apartments or apartment condos. You will require a minimum of 2 visits with this method. This may be a more affordable solution to your bed bug problem.

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Multi-Unit Houses will have to be Quoted on an Individual Basis

– *All prices do not include hst

– *Prices are based on homes or apartments considered normal/average size, we may quote higher prices for very large homes or homes that are considered hoarded or cluttered.

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