Please Don’t Get Scared Of These Spider Myths

Do you have spiders in your house? Do you get too scared or hardly care for their presence? There might be a lot of people out there who have spiders and get really scared, thinking of it as a big infectious monster.

While on the other hand, there are people who treat it as a tiny little creature. All these feelings are born out of some myths and facts. It is very important that we don’t pay heed to any myths but get our facts right! After clearing your doubts, it is up to you if you want to get scared or not!

Spider Myths & Facts

Myth-Spiders are insects only.
Fact-No, they are not insects but arachnids and differ greatly in their feeding and other activities.

Myth-An eight leg small creature always means a spider.
Fact-Spiders are arachnids and it is not just them but all arachnids who have eight legs!

Myth-All spiders make web.
Fact-This is not true. All spiders make silk in order to catch prey but only half of them make a web!

Myth-Small fanged spiders don’t have the ability to bite.
Fact-All spiders are capable enough of biting humans but you should not worry as they hardly bite anyone.

Myth-All spider species can live anywhere.
Fact-Not true as different species have different priorities based on area and other conditions.

Myth-All spiders are male.
Fact-This is really funny. If all spiders are male, how do they reproduce and expand their community?

Myth-You are always withing the three feet range of a spider.
Fact-This is not true as spiders have their own mood just like humans. They can be as far as 100 meters or right at your footstep!

Myth– Spiders just suck the juice out of a prey.
Fact– False! With the help of vomited enzymes, spiders digest solids externally.

Myth-Spiders prevent sticking to a web with the help of oil on their feet.
Fact– Not true at all as spiders tip their toe around the glue which gets deposited in the spheroidal globs.

Myth-Spider species are easy to identify.
Fact-Really? You might not be knowing but there are more than 50,000 spider species in the world. Now can you identify them?

Myth-Pest control companies can easily identify spiders.
Fact-Not true, only arachnologist have the training and knowledge to correctly identify a spider.

Myth-Any unfamiliar spider must be dangerous!
Fact-Why so? Just because you don’t have proper knowledge about those species, does not make them dangerous at all!

Myth-Spiders come from outside in the fall.
Fact-Not true as outdoor spiders have different requirements as compared to the indoor spiders, which are called house spiders.

Myth-Spiders can come up the drain!
Fact-Not really true as they do come down the walls getting attracted by water but don’t have it in them to come up the drain.

Got a Spider in Your Home?

If you have got a spider in your home and can’t really figure out what to do with it, feel free to take a professional help. Avid Pest is a leading pest control company in Ontario, having years of experience behind. We will help you in getting rid of any pest who might be troubling you in no time!

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