4 Proven Pest Prevention Tips

Proven PestThe pest needs food, water and shelter, and your home is the perfect place to fulfil their needs. Be these are cockroaches, bed bugs or rodents, they all are dangerous to humans. Cockroaches cause Asthma while bed bugs deliver red, swollen marks in zigzag series on your shoulder, arms and neck.

Once they have infested your home, it will be almost impossible to eradicate them on your own because they are the fast breeders and spread within a couple of days. So, here are listed some common pest prevention tips as following:
Start From Kitchen
Because your kitchen attracts the pest by offering food, start pest prevention from your kitchen. For this, keep your kitchen clean, remove the unwanted food, store your meal in an airtight container, Cover the drain systems, keep the dustbin covered with the lid and discard it far away from your home.

Tips For Outdoor Cleaning

  • Cut the long branches of trees.
  • Inspect and cover the deep holes around tree roots.
  • Remove the bird’s food and garbage bins from your yard or lawn.

Seal The Cracks & Gaps
If your house has gaps or cracks that will allow the pest to enter your home. Seal the cracks, gaps and holes in the walls and floor using high-quality sealant. This will prevent pest entrance.

Reduce The Clutter
Reduce the clutter from your home inside our outside. The more hotch-potch area it will be, the more pest will attract to your home.

Follow the simple steps to make your home pest-free and when you notice the signs of pest infestation, then contact us at Avid Pest. Our team of professional pest exterminators in Niagara Falls, St.Catharines, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Hamilton, Oakville and Burlington will thoroughly inspect your home for pests and provide a most effective solution to make your home pest-free.

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