How to Identify and Remove Bed Bugs

Bedbugs can make anyone’s life hell. These small bloodsuckers can cause a lot of trouble in your home. With 5 mm size, these little bugs are tough, smart, and can reproduce 10x faster than you can imagine. One of the biggest challenges is their small size as they can hide in any corner of the bed or the house to easily avoid detection. What makes it tougher to beat them is their ability to survive for many months. Their bite often leaves red itchy marks all over your body and can cause a lot of discomforts. Dealing with these bugs can give anyone the toughest time of their lives quite literally. Bed Bugs are the main cause behind poor sleep and thus increased levels of stress. But wait! There is some good news. You can get rid of these bed bugs by using a combination of spray chemical treatment and heat treatment methods. In cases where it is not easy to get rid of them on your own, then you can always seek professional help.

Bedbugs generally enter your home through clothes, used beds, luggage, couches, and other items undetected. Since their bodies are tiny and flattened they can easily fit in tiny areas. Bed Bugs live in groups in hiding places mainly found in mattresses, bed frames, boxes, and headboards where they enjoy easy access to people to feast on at night. Let’s find out how to identify and remove them!

How to Identify Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are most active at night and usually bite people while they sleep. And it is difficult to identify their bites. The key is finding them early to minimize the damage caused by these nasty bugs. It is much simpler and cheaper to treat a small infestation so you should take action at the right time. Smaller infestations can also go undetected as they are harder to detect at first.
The sooner you start, the better it is. You can start searching for bed bugs yourself or hire a professional to do it. Professional contractors have specially trained dogs to hunt these bugs down by their scent. The places you should look for are mattress and bed box, cracks in the bed, headboard, cushions, joints of the furniture, electrical joints, behind the painting, and posters. You can use a flashlight and magnifying glass to search for them in these areas. Bed bugs are a quarter an inch long, often presents in dark spots. You can also find small places with yellow eggs and yellow skin that young bedbugs often shed or find traces of their droppings. You may want to seek professional help to effectively treat them.

How to Control Bed Bug Infestations?

Bed bugs can be effectively eliminated using various chemical and heat treatments. It is proven that the high temperature of steam instantly kills bed bugs. All you need to do is apply steam carefully to the tufts and folds of your mattresses, bed frames, sofa corners, and edges as these are potential places where bed bugs often hide. You should also thoroughly clean linens, bedding, curtains, in hot water and dry them using the highest dryer setting. You should vacuum the bed and surrounding areas regularly and also use a tight brush to scrub mattresses as it will remove bed bugs and their eggs. Another option is to treat the problem permanently by hiring a professional bed bug exterminator to do the job using chemicals.

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Before you call the professional contractors you need to do the following:

  • Remove all the powder and pest control products.
  • Take away all the clothes and items from the bed, cupboard, and closets. If possible remove the drapes and wash & dry them properly.
  • Leave the hard items like furniture, bed, chairs, and frame in place.
  • Once Treatment is complete you need to give it a few hours to settle. It is recommended to leave it for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Place a single fitted sheet on the mattress and avoid layers.
  • Keep the bed some distance from the wall for the treatment period.

How to Treat Bed Bug Extermination

According to experts, bedbugs chemical treatment is the most effective solution to get rid of bed bugs permanently. Cleaning up infested areas is certainly helpful in controlling the impact but through chemical treatment, you can achieve much better results. It is advisable to only use reliable products while treating them on your own. When you hire a professional bug treatment company, you get complete assurance of safety and hygiene. People often make this common mistake and end up using toxic chemicals on their own which can be extremely harmful because you are spraying it in crucial places like beds, sofas, mattresses. etc. Never use products and chemicals on your bedding unless you see the label that specifically tells you it is safe for use on beds, mattresses, and couches. Generally, it is safest and most effective to hire an experienced pest control professional for bed bug extermination.

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