3 Amazing Reasons: Roaches Love To Reside In Dishwasher

With the ending summers, it’s normal to have nasty cockroaches in winter too. In the need of food and shelter, they invade your home through cracks or from an open window. Roach infestation is a problem of every home, no matter either it is clean or not. These dirty crawlers usually claim the kitchen and found most probably near the dishwashers. One must take a crucial step to eliminate cockroaches from contaminating the dishwashers as they produce toxin poison. Along with the use of preventive methods, it’s necessary to hire a pest control on time for quick resolution.

Below are the few reasons that tell you why cockroaches reside in a dishwasher:

  1. Dark PlaceCockroaches like to hide inside the dark places and that’s why dishwasher proves to be the best habitat for them. One can also see these creatures under the furniture or cracks of the walls.
  2. Damp PlaceWhen a cockroach problem is going in the home, never forget to check the damp places. The basic reason behind this may be the standing water which is a big issue for the dishwashers.
  3. Food ParticlesIn the search for food and water, cockroaches love to reside in the areas with food residue and dishwasher is the quite interesting example. If your dishes in dishwasher contain food residue, then it might become an amusement park for roach families.

How To Protect Your Dishwasher From Being Infested?

  • Whenever you find roaches near the dishwasher, the very first step is to clean your dishwasher and remove all the food particles residing in it.
  • You can also use a vacuum to clean the debris left by the pesky creatures.
  • One can also make use of a bait to kill the roaches.
  • If still, the problem exists, the best solution is to hire a pest control team to get rid of these species.

The dishwasher is an ideal home for cockroach families which should be inspected on time. You can also hire our pest control technicians at Avid Pest Services for a permanent solution.

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