5 Traveling Tips For The Vacationers To Avoid Bed Bugs

Nothing is more scary than having bedbugs existing in your suitcases and luggage. Bed bugs are the nasty small-sized creatures that are very difficult to eliminate. Even your traveling can make the situation worse when these pests enter your luggage. Having bed bugs in a home is the big problem for the travelers due to their hitchhiking nature and easily transported from one place to another without any notice.

If you are staying out of the home, then it’s necessary to adopt some useful bed bug traveling tips to tackle the bed bugs:

  • Inspect The Bathrooms: Before placing the luggage at any corner, you must go ahead to inspect the bathrooms at the very first point. Bathrooms are the most likely place where you can find the bed bug infestation. You must make sure your luggage must be safe from the bed bug infestation.
  • Check The Beds:Before lying on the beds, it’s necessary to look all around under the beds and its frames for the bed bug signs. If you found reddish brown and black stains on the bed sheets, then there might be bed bug infestation that should be tackled instantly.
  • Analyze The Surroundings: Do not forget to check the surroundings of your hotel room and must check for the items like picture frames, under the phone and even couches and chairs of your room.
  • Avoid Placing Items On Ground: Even you not found bed bug infestation but it’s strictly advised to never place your luggage or suitcases on the ground as items left on the floor are a perfect hiding place for the bugs.

When you are back to home, adopt a habit of washing clothes in hot water before placing them to wardrobes. Bed bugs can’t survive in extreme heat and this will help you in getting prevention from their severe attacks. If you are facing any kind of bed bug infestation, then choose our bed bug exterminators at Avid Pest Services.

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