3 Tips to Prevent Hornets & Bees Infestation In Your Yard

Are you worried about the stingy bees and hornets buzzing in your yard? These pests are small yet dangerous as they can attack humans and pets with poisonous and painful stings that often swell and are allergic. Hornets, wasps and bees can be commonly seen buzzing in the lawn or around the flower bed especially during the spring and summer months. Though they are busy in their own work of collecting honey and pollens, these insects can become aggressive if irritated.

To stay on a safer side, it is important to prevent the bee infestation rather than exterminating it later. Some effective measures of avoiding the population of stinging insects include:

  • Plant flowers at a distance: Insects are often attracted towards the flowering plants in your home. Make sure to plant them at a good distance from the interiors or sitting area. These herbs and shrubs should be planted away from the entrance gate, exterior door, deck, pool or patio to avoid any risk of getting stung.
  • Trim the grass and plants: In most of the cases, insects prefer to habitat in a cluttered yard which is extremely full of plants and trees. By keeping the plants and grass trimmed, you can prevent the hornet infestation to some extent. Moreover, a regularly mowed and maintained yard is less likely to be occupied by insects as they don’t prefer to be disturbed now and then.
  • Avoid bright colors & fragrances: Bees and wasps are more attracted towards floral designs and vivid colors. If you are sitting outside in the yard or on the deck, make sure you are not wearing bright colors or else you’ll end up having insects buzzing around you. Also, avoid using strong perfume or fragrances as they greatly attract the pollinators.

So, these are few measures you can take to make sure there are no stinging insects in your yard. Ig you are looking for a licensed pest exterminator to deal with the problem, feel free to call our professionals at Avid Pest Services.

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