How To Prepare Your Home For Bed Bug Treatment?

Bed bugs are a nightmare and none of us want these pests around us? Did you recently saw a bed bug on your bed or sofa? Do you often wake up with severe itching and bite marks? If yes, chances are that you have fallen a victim to a bed bug infestation. No matter, how clean and clutter-free your home is, these pests can be found anywhere.

With so many measures taken to eradicate bed bugs, these species are managed to become resistant to several pest control remedies. Due to this, these blood suckers are hard to remove and can be controlled by licensed exterminators using the heat treatment or thermal radiation method.

If you are planning to call a pest control company for heat treatment, do prepare your home well before their arrival. Here are some tips you must follow to protect your belongings from any damages:

  • Remove everything you have placed under the bed, sofa, chair or table so that heat can effectively reach every corner.
  • Do not move furniture or any other item from one room to another as it can spread the infestation to other spots in the interiors and exteriors.
  • Empty your closets completely by removing all the clothes, hangers, shoes and every other article.
  • Try to reduce the amount of clutter in your home, right from extra clothing to unwanted furniture.
  • If you think that every item in your property is infected, ask the exterminator to treat them all.
  • In case, you use an indoor trash can or a storage unit to store rarely used items, keep it at an easy to spot space to remember getting it inspected for the presence of bed bugs.
  • To prevent future infestations or to remain on a safe side, try to keep the clutter in your indoors and outdoors to the minimum extent.

So, these are some simple steps that if followed can make the bed bug heat treatment deliver faster, effective and more accurate results. If you are looking for a bed bug control expert in Ontario, feel free to call at Avid Pest Services for emergency and same day pest extermination.

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