4 Effective Tips to Keep Wasps Away from a Home

As the summer months are ending and fall is on its way to arrive, several varieties of insects and bugs become active due to changing seasons. Wasps are one of them, that are often found buzzing in yards and flowers.

They tend to build their nests at any opportune spot found inside a home. They can even sting, if irritated. To owe a wasp free surrounding, its necessary to avoid their habitat.

Few ways to keep the wasps away are:

  1. Remove trashcans: The first thing needs to be done to prevent wasp presence is, removing the things they are attracted towards. This doesn’t mean one should remove the plantation in their yard. Instead, remove the food and trash cans that consists of rotten food and vegetables. Seal the trash cans tightly after every use. Since, nectar and bird food attract wasps, its crucial to remove these items as well. Wasps are influenced towards sweet things, that includes perfumes and lotions. Therefore, store these fragrances at a cool and closed place.
  2. Home maintenance: Repair the spots that can come up as a possible home for these pests. For this, inspect your home exteriors to find the areas that may need maintenance. Damages such as broken window panels, soffit gaps and other crevices can come up as a perfect spot for building wasp nests. Get all these areas repaired, before the oncoming of fall.
  3. Wasp decoys: Wasp decoys are temporary structures that are in form of oval nests. They can be easily purchased from a garden or home store. These nests tend to reduce the pest population. Since wasps are territorial, they do not build a nest within 200 feet of another nest. If you hung these decoys at either side of your yard, the wasp movement can be deterred.
  4. Wasp traps: Since the name implies, these are the traps used to catch wasps. They can either be purchased or created manually. The things needed for building one is a 2L bottle, sweet liquid, and a duct tape. Pour an inch of sweet liquid into a bottle, and place it next to the wasp habitat. Due to the duct tape, these pests are likely to stick with the bottle, while attempting to feed on the sweet drink.

These are the few ways that are effective in preventing wasp dwellings. If your home is already inhabited by these unwanted pests, be proactive and deter them now by calling our pest control professionals.

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