5 Reasons Why Rats & Mice Removal is Important

5-reasons-why-rats-mice-removal-is-importantHave you detected any rat or mouse in your home? If yes, you need to control them as soon as possible. Rats and mice are one of the dangerous pests that can completely destroy your home and your belonging. There are three types of rodents black rat, brown rat and house mouse. All they survive on food scraps, bird seeds and rubbish. Obviously, we contain food items in our home then rodents will make efforts to enter our home to grab the food and shelter. There are main five reasons to remove the rat and mice from your home completely.

  • Diseases
    Rodents carry dangerous diseases such as typhus fever, leptospirosis, hantavirus, plague, tularemia etc.
  • Contaminate
    The small size mice easily fall their hair, droppings and urine in your meal without coming into your eyes. This act results in food poisoning or spoilage which affect your health.
  • Instant Attack
    In defense, the rat and mice can attack anyone anytime. You may handle the small size rats but the attack of bigger size rodent may be dangerous.
  • Carry Fleas
    Some rodents carry the flea which they can deliver in your home carpet, belongings and pets.
  • Bad Odor And Damage Material
    Rodents like to chew the waste paper and clothes and then they wet this chewed material with their urine which deliver bad odor

How To Prevent Your Home From Rodents

  • Keep your home entrance closed in your absence like a door, windows, roof door, etc.
  • Cover the drainage systems and disposal pipes.
  • Keep your dustbin clean and covered with a lid.
  • Don’t leave your food items uncovered.

Finally, if your home or office is rodent infested, you can call the Avid Pest for rat and mice removal. Because, more you delay more rats will increase in your home and spread the diseases. Our professionals use the baits, pesticides and all other products depending on the nature of pest problem.

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