Five Lesser Known Things About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs never go out of season. Whether it’s January or October, once they have invaded your home, they will stay there and you will surely feel their presence. They, generally come out at night to feed on human blood. If you wake up with red marks and rashes over your skin, there are high chances that you have bed bugs in your home. In such condition, you need to call expert bed bug exterminator immediately to take strict action against these pesky pests. Here are some lesser known facts about bed bugs that every homeowner should know.

  • You can see bed bugs – if you look carefully – Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown and have flat, oval shaped body. Young bed bugs are yellowish and extremely small. You can also look for bed bug eggs that are pearly white and around 1 mm.
  • Bed bugs can be anywhere in the house – Just because they are called bed bugs, it doesn’t mean that you will always find them on or around your bed. Bed bugs can be found in the furniture, luggage, luggage and even in vehicles.
  • Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers – Bed bugs just don’t appear from anywhere. They cannot fly or jump like other insects or pests. They hitchhike on your belongings like clothes, bedding, luggage and other things. Basically, you unintentionally brought them home. Make sure you inspect your clothings and luggage before you enter your from. It is an essential bed bug prevention.
  • One bed bug cannot be a problem – There is no need to panic when you see a bed bug in your home. Make sure you kill that bug immediately and monitor the areas closely to see any other bed bugs. However, there are high chances that you have got bed bug infestation in your home. To determine this, you should call a professional for complete home inspection. Professionals can help you exterminate bed bugs from your home safely and efficiently.
  • Heat kills bed bugs – Heat is an effective and reliable treatment for killing bed bugs. These pests cannot survive high temperature and thus die quickly. You can put your items such as clothing, shoes and beddings in the dryer at a high-heat setting to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

If you think bed bugs might be lurking in your home, you can contact our bed bug exterminators at Avid Pest. Our effective bed bug extermination treatments will ensure that you have a bed-bug free home and your family can have a good night sleep.

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