Tips to Remove a Beehive Safely

Bees are someone who can trigger scare at the very moment you look at them, since everyone is afraid of the bee sting. Yes ! Most of you probably would be having a bee sting history and you must be knowing how painful a bee sting can be. It’s not just the pain that you get from a bee sting, but also the area of your skin gets swollen, making it look very bad, especially if it’s on your face. Have a beehive in your home or at the backyard? Don’t worry! We will guide you to remove it safely :-

5 Steps to remove beehive safely :-

    1. Location

Majority of the people would find this odd as beehives are quite visible from a distance, but you might not be knowing that there can be more than one beehive present in your territory. Yes! Beehives can be more than one, some of them so small that you won’t be able to locate them. Just observe their moment and find out all the possible beehives, if even one is left, chances are that they can form it all over again.

    1. Are you allergic?

If you have any kind of allergy, chances are that the venom in the bee sting can create a lot of trouble for you. Breathing and throat problems are quite normal with such a case, more allergic people can get into serious trouble.

    1. Protection

You are going to remove a beehive and that calls for protection, doesn’t it? It is very important that you choose clothes wisely, avoid wearing dark clothes as it can attract them. Cover your hands with gloves and your face also. There should be very less area of your body exposed while doing the removal.

    1. Things to use

Bee smokers and insecticides are probably two biggest weapons in removing the beehive. If you are going to use insecticide, spray very carefully initially and gradually increase the dose after observing the moments. Bee smokers should be used carefully as it may cause damage to the adjoining area, generally this works quite effectively but in some cases can catch fire in the surrounding area.

    1. How to go for it ?

The first and foremost step is to wear all the necessary clothing before you go for the operation. If you are going to use the smoker, prepare it well in the advance and use it as guided in the booklet. There are some precautions which must be followed while firing, else things can get out of control.

For pesticides, approach the beehive very slowly as you don’t want them to leave the place. After getting very close to the beehive, spray it carefully. If you are looking for any professional help, then call the experts of Avid Pest.

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