4 Common Spider Species That Invade Your Home

Spiders are commonly found pests that infest a home or garden for shelter and food. They are carnivores and feed on other tiny insect species and arthropods. Though spiders help in achieving effective pest control, they are considered unwanted and dangerous to humans. There are dozens of spider species found in the world, while a handful of them manage of get inside a home. To maintain cleanliness and hygiene inside a property, its important that you should eliminate these pesky insects as soon as possible.

Some of the common household spiders are:

  1. Weaver Spiders: These are common spider species that are found in regions of North America and surroundings. They are also known as funnel spiders, as the nest they weave is much like dense funnels. Their webs can grab preys easily due to the weaving density. The nests of weaver spiders are generally found in room corners or garden shrubs. Though they are harmless to humanity, they are often mistaken to be venomous because of their brown body color resemblance to dangerous species.
  2. Jumping Spiders: Jumping spiders are tiny web builders that can jump up to several body leaps. Instead of building dense nests, they use silk webbing to create tiny trails for shelter and to protect their eggs. They opt for actively hunting for their prey. Unlike weaver spiders, jumping ones don’t trap their prey in their webs to feed upon later. They believe in active hunting and feeding.
  3. Yellow Sac Spiders: Yellow sac spiders invade your home during the season of fall and winter. They are less resistant to cold temperatures and therefore, prefer grabbing a home to seek warmth. These spiders spend much of their time resting in their silk sacs that are often found on the roof corners. Yellow sac spiders are responsible for biting humans, but their bites are not at all poisonous.
  4. Widow Spiders: These notorious black colored spiders are descendants of cobweb spiders and are called western widows. They are responsible for weaving messy and sprawling webs in and around homes. Widow spiders usually dwell out in dark and are typically large compared to other spider categories. They pose a threat to human health, as their bite possess a venom that require immediate medical assistance.

These are the common categories of spiders that can infest your property. Though all spiders species don’t bite, its not adequate to allow them to take shelter inside your home. If you are coping with a pest infestation in Burlington and need professional assistance, feel free to consult us at Avid Pest Services.

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