6 Steps for Chemical Free Pest Control

Pests are tiny unwanted insects that are found almost everywhere. Their small size allows them to invade any property, no matter its bug proofed or not. Are you facing a pest invasion in your home? If yes, then you are at a higher risk for bites, diseases and allergies. There are many insect species like rodents and roaches which are extremely harmful to humans, as they carry microbes and bacteria over their body. Using chemicals, pesticides or rodent traps aren’t sufficient to get rid of these pests. Instead of killing them, its better to control their population so that the lives of tiny critters can be spared.

Here are some tips for pest control without using chemicals:

  1. The foremost step to prevent insects is to remove all those things that attract bugs to invade your property. Clear away the standing water, moist surface, tap leaks and damp areas which are all a preferred picnic spot for bees and wasps.
  2. Make sure that all the plumbing leaks inside your home are fixed to prevent dripping of water. Don’t leave water in the house plants or pet bowls overnight to avoid dead floating insects in the morning.
  3. The biggest mistakes wise homeowners generally do is feeding the wild animals and insects regularly. This compels the tiny creatures to take shelter inside your home as they can get plenty of food to eat. To prevent ant infestation, ensure that none of the dishes or utensils are left dirty overnight.
  4. Place all the food items in the refrigerator and store the food sources in the tightly closed glass containers. In this way, ants, rodents and roaches won’t be able to contaminate or feed on the food items. Doing so will somehow deter these insects away.
  5. Seal away all the wall and floor cracks that can acts as a perfect hiding place for tiny pests. Most possible, rodents gain an entry inside your home through door gaps and wall holes. Make sure that you weatherstrip the door and window gaps. Cover the holes and crevices with concrete filings so that none of the insect can’t access your home.
  6. Remove unwanted items to reduce the clutter inside your property. This can be done by cleaning every corner of the property, so that old newspapers, paper bags, and unused boxes that acts as a cozy shelter area can be eliminated.

These are some of the easy chemical free steps that can help in pest elimination and control. If you are looking for an affordable pest removal company in Hamilton, don’t hesitate to call our pest exterminators today.

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