5 Places Where Honey Bees Build Their Hives

Honey BeesIf you noticed bees on your premises, you probably would be looking for honey bee nest so that you can remove them. So, here are listed the common, predictable places where you can find the honey beehives. Before you could take a step ahead to remove them, it is advisable to be careful as the bee sting can be dangerous.

Their single sting is enough to deliver unbearable pain, swelling and inflammation. And, too many bees sting can result in your death. So, use the protective measures and start inspecting the below places to find the beehives.

  • Siding & Brick: As the brick and siding have ventilation gaps, the bees used to build their nest behind them.
  • Concrete Blocks: The concrete blocks also have the gaps that make it the ideal place for honey bees to build their nest.
  • Eaves & Soffits: These located near the roofline of your premises, allow bees to live there and grow in numbers.
  • Trees: Bees are often found on tree branches in your yard or lawn areas. From there, they can quickly enter your home and sting you.
  • Under Sheds: As the sheds are unnoticed places, bees choose it as a great place to make their nests.

Inspect these places, and if you find the bees are available in a large number, call us at Avid Pest to get cost-effective treatment for unwanted bees in your residential and commercial property. Our team of professionals is equipped with safe techniques to exterminate bees and wasps threat efficiently. Call us to get a free pest control estimate.

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