3 Secret Ways Pests Used To Access Your Home

Pest ControlAs the weather begins to become colder, the pests start to find a warmer place to stay. And, during hot summer days, the tiny pests look for the moisture places to live. In both conditions, they prefer to access your home because your property is one stop for food and to stay.

These pests need an entrance to get entered in your residential and commercial premises, even a tiny space that you often overlook may become an access point for pests to invade your property. To keep these unwanted guests away from your home, you must know their common entryways.

  • Foundation Cracks
    As time grows, your property foundation and walls begin to show some cracks. These cracks are common, but if you don’t repair or maintain them on time, they will become a welcome door for pests. During the early fall or late summer, you should detect the new cracks in your home and seal them properly. Make sure to use the excellent quality sealant depending on the location of cracks.
  • Windows & Doors
    As the doors and windows age, the seal begins to fail. So, when you make your home ready for winter, you must inspect the seals around the door or window. In case, it is not sealed correctly or having small cracks, it will allow the pest to come inside. First of all, check the caulking around the door and window, if the caulk is failing, replace it or re-caulk the window and door. Remember, caulk requires time to cure, so read the directions carefully for the curing time.
  • Wall Passages
    Some people keep the wall passages for cable, pipes, dryer vents, phone lines, etc. As these items pass through your home, it can be a way for the pests. In case, the seal around the wall passages creates a hole or starts pulling away, insects or pests will begin to appear through these ways. So, the double seal will turn out to be beneficial in keeping the pests away.

If you want to know more about keeping your home pest-free, contact us at Avid Pest. Our team of experienced pest exterminators helps the residential and commercial clients prevent pests.

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