4 Lesser Known Facts About Flea Infestation

The warmer weather is one of the reasons behind flea infestation. Most of the time, the flea infestation drive your home through your pets. Once it has reached your home, this will drive in your carpet, curtains, clothes, linens, etc. where it will carry on its reproduction process and bring more flea in your home. Unlike pests, the flea is one of the dangerous pests that bring several issues.

It not only attacks your pets but also delivers health issues to your family. It can damage your overall living style. There are four things about fleas that will force you to get rid of them as soon as possible.

    • Causes Diseases
      People having allergy from a flea can get problems like difficulty breathing, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, and anaphylactic shock. The fleas carry and transmit the diseases to humans. For example, a flea bites rodents infected with diseases when this flea bites humans, it will transmit that diseases to the people.
    • Hard To See
      Fleas are about an eighth of an inch long which is too small to see. As a result, their size makes the people difficult to determine the flea infestation. This is why people have to recognize the common signs in their pets to be sure of flea infestation.
    • Prodigious Breeders
      Female fleas can produce more than 5,000 eggs in their lifetime and lay approx 40 eggs per day. Soon, the one egg becomes able for breeding. Thus, they increase in numbers and become hard to remove completely.
    • Flea is Not DIY Project
      When you notice flea after finding your pet excess scratching, the chances of having a flea in the area where you pet visits. It could be your home interior or exterior. Using DIY for flea extermination is likely to give fleas time for breading and increase in numbers. So, you have to concern with the professional pest control services provider.

The expert pest exterminator at Avid Pest able to completely remove the fleas from your premises. We provide free pest control estimates for inspection purpose and use the pest control chemicals with safety adherence.

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