3 Reasons To Opt For Humane Or Organic Pest Control

Living in a property infested with pests is a daunting experience, especially when you are accompanied by the kids or pets. Most of the products used to remove unwanted insects consist of harmful chemicals and pesticides that can gradually affect the health and hygiene of a family.

Nowadays, more and more residents are turning towards humane pest control using organic products which are safe and doesn’t have any harmful effects. If you are unable a make a decision on whether to go with organic pest control or not, here are some benefits that will surely amaze you:

  • Promotes Strategic Pest Control: Compared to chemical treatments which cover almost every aspect of pest infestation in the one-go but doesn’t deliver long term results, organic pest control specifically targets a particular insect species to ensure reliable results. A custom combination of humane methods and natural products makes sure the insects such as ants, roaches and rodents are forced to stay away to a greater extent.
  • Lessens The Carbon Footprint: Almost every pesticide used in the pest extermination process can negatively affect the climate as well as human health. Since these products emit greenhouse gases, they can badly impact the environment and increase the CFC levels. On the other hand, green pest control does not involve any sort of chemicals or pesticides, therefore they are considered an eco-friendly practice of controlling insects. By opting for organic control, you can help lessen the carbon impact on the environment.
  • Natural & Long term Effects: Along with natural products, there are several essential oils like lavender oil that plays a great role in retarding the pest infestation. By offering a weekly spray of right essential oils, you can prevent an unwanted insect invasion to a good extent. Also, the results achieved will be safe, pet friendly, long-term and natural.

So, these are some of the common benefits of opting for organic pest control instead of chemical treatments to remove a pesky insect population from your property. If you are looking for a licensed pest extermination company in the Ontario region, contact our professionals at Avid Pest Services.

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